Priority mapping

Used to identify quick wins in your ideas. These are the ideas that you can get infront of users quickly, which you believe will improve a user’s experience.

Typically, impact reflects whether a feature answers a problem. Effort is usually about how hard it is to test, design or build something. You may adjust the interpretation of the meanings to suit your project.

1-8 people
10 minutes


  1. Draw 2 intersecting lines, that give you four quadrants
  2. Label the top of the vertical line as 'most impact' and the bottom as 'least impact'.
  3. Label the right of the horizontal line as 'most effort' and the left as 'least effort'.
  4. Plot your ideas/features on the map using post-its so you can move things around
  5. When you’ve finished, identify what ideas and features you have in the most impact but least effort quadrant - these are the ideas you should proceed with.