Crazy eights

To generate wide ideas that take you out of your comfort zone. The time pressure helps you to focus on quantity over quality. You might dot vote after to select the best ideas to develop.

1-8 people
10 minutes


  1. Agree the challenge or problem for the ideas you want to solve
  2. Write the problem on a sheet of paper or whiteboard and place it where everyone can see it
  3. Give everyone a single blank sheet of A3 paper
  4. Fold it in half 3 times - to make 8 equally sized panels
  5. Set a phone timer for 5mins 20secs (40 seconds per panel)
  6. Everyone quickly sketches 1 idea per panel, using visuals instead of words - the quality of drawing is not important
  7. Everyone sticks their paper up and discuss all or some of their idea - someone should take notes